StrikeAbsorber Testimonials- 2019 Villages Golf Festival

The StrikeAbsorber was introduced to more than 6500 golfers of all ages at the 2019 Villages Golf Festival.

Keep your clubs safe from hard, unforgiving mats

“The StrikeAbsorber won’t damage your golf clubs!”

The StrikeAbsorber features an inflatable bladder to customize firmness

“The StrikeAbsorber is air adjustable – you can make it firm, you can make it soft. Unlike regular mats, StrikeAbsorber feels like regular turf. One of the greatest products on the market for home use.”

Get instant and accurate feedback on every golf shot

“With the StrikeAbsorber you can actually feel the ball coming off the face which is something different than you’re used to feeling on a traditional mat at your local driving range.”

Practice smarter. Practice safer.

“The StrikeAbsorber gives you good feedback. It lets you know when you’re square to the ball; if you’re taking a shallow or steep angle.

It’s inflatable so you can check your own divot.  It feels natural – just like grass.”

StrikeAbsorber simulates real turf. The Feel is Real!

“The StrikeAbsorber makes you get full contact. It really feels like grass. You can really go at it. it’s a whole different feel.”

Absorb the impact and protect yourself from injury!

“The StrikeAbsorber is adjustable and inflatable. Constant repetitive motion and striking down on turf causes injury long term. When juniors are repetitively hitting balls on the range and working on their swings, they won’t sustain injuries with the StrikeAbsorber.”