Make the most of your StrikeAbsorber



The Ultimate StrikeAbsorber Golf Mats diaphragm pressure can be increased or decreased using the valve stem port protruding from the side of the golf mat. A bicycle air pump hose can be attached to the valve stem and the pressure increased as if adjusting pressure in a bicycle tire (by pumping-up or bleeding the pressure).  The diaphragm pressure was adjusted before shipping the finished product. Caution should be used to NOT over pressurize the diaphragm. Upon receiving the golf mat raise the artificial turf on either end of the mat base and feel the amount of stiffness (pressure) of the diaphragm.  This will give you a reference for later pressure adjustments  The pressure gauge on the pump will not give you a precise indication of the proper inflation of the diaphragm because the diaphragm’s envelope will over-stretch and break. The feel test is the best way to prevent over- pressurization of the diaphragm. The ideal pressure is to have a firm feeling diaphragm, but not rock hard. You should be able to easily flex downward the diaphragm with your finger as seen in following video.

Anchoring Options

Here are a few examples of how you can mount your Strike Absorber®


This mat is made of materials that can withstand the outdoor elements and can be anchored to the ground/grass using “L” shaped anchors prevent the mat from sliding on the surface.  The “L” shape anchors can be substituted with 1/4″ dia. X 6″  long wood lag screws ( The screws “Worked Great” at the 2018 Orlando PGA Show Demo-Day).  As seen on YouTube/strikeabsorber/ 2018 PGA demo-day.


This mat is made of materials that can withstand the outdoor elements and can be REDHEAD anchored to concrete surfaces, or screws in case of anchoring to wood, that prevents the mat from sliding on the hard surface..

Originally, the StrikeAbsorber (SA) mat was designed to be placed in the ground with the hitting surface of the SA  mat at the same level as the surface you would be standing on to strike the ball making it more permanent for practice.  It can be used this way to protect your grass or with our new stance mat.