“We knew about the wrist injury… and just couldn’t figure out quite what it was.  You go from playing the best golf I’ve ever played to being at the lowest point professionally that I’ve been…It was a long four months.  It wasn’t anything I’d wish upon anybody.”

Brooks Koepka

2017 & 2018, U.S. Open Champion, 2018 and 2019 PGA Champion

Driving Ranges, Tee Lines and Academies

Our custom built artificial turf tee lines and hitting stations allow players to swing from a surface with a natural feel to suit your practice and with a durability that isn’t found with real grass. Driving ranges and academies quickly find that waterless, easy to care for synthetic driving lines and instructional areas make for happy customers and add value to the bottom line.  A win- win for both the customer/clientele and the course operator!

StrikeAbsorber adjustable mats and artificial turf are ideal for extreme climates and in regions where water restrictions and shortages are common. 
The long lasting durability and high-quality of StrikeAbsorber’s artificial mats work well in heavily used areas keep your maintenance down and practice areas playable and looking great all year long.
Tee lines and hitting bays take a lot of abuse causing extreme wear and tear and possible injury to the customer. StrikeAbsorber Mats, with an inflatable bladder, provide your facility with a unique customer service experience that will keep them coming back to practice more and will drive more revenue.
Weather issues and maintenence downtime are almost non-existent with the advantage of artificial tee lines and StrikeAbsorber mats. 

Artificial tee lines have become a mainstay at many golf courses around the world due to the high quality performance and extremely low-maintenance. StrikeAbsorber mats and tee lines offer the ability to keep your driving ranges open while your natural grass is closed due to weather conditions, while maintenance is being performed, or while your grass is simply trying to heal from the heavy use during a tournament or normal rounds of golf.

StrikeAbsorber helps prevent injury.


StrikeAbsorber Advantages

  • Avoids injury
  • Provides comfortable enjoyable practice 
  • Holds a real tee
  • Allows for a true natural swing
  • Adjustable for more effective practice
  • Provides a divot feel with no club bounce
  • Drastically improves your golf game
  • Allows for play and practice year round
  • Instant Feedback