at home.

The StrikeAbsorber mat is the ultimate golf practice mat designed to absorb the impact of the golf club strike when practicing golf shots that require taking a divot.  Golf shots can be practiced with the mat in any size home location. If using in small yards, we like using with a training net.

Conventional practice mats are hard and unforgiving and that resistance can be felt in your hands, wrists, elbows and even your back.

A clearly marked Tee-up Zone allows you to practice your swing easily and consistently.

Relaxation and Fun

If you’re an avid golfer or someone who enjoys practicing for relaxation and fun, StrikeAbsorber is the perfect practice mat for working on your game at home .  The StrikeAbsorber is portable and can be used in your garage, backyard, patio or indoors.  The durable premium turf is designed for commercial ranges and will provide you hours of practice without wearing out. StrikeAbsorber is extremely forgiving compared with using an inexpensive thin-layered mat on top of concrete (ouch!). You’ll fall in love with practicing and improve your swing.

Realistic Feel

The realistic feeling of the StrikeAbsorber turf allows you to work on different shots whether you’re hitting into a practice net or a home simulator.  Match the StrikeAbsorber up with your favorite swing analyzer device or app and you’ve got the ideal home practice studio.  Take it to work and share it with your team.  Women can practice without feeling intimidated going to the range.  And kids will enjoy practicing too.  The one word that best describes the StrikeAbsorber…Saaweett!!