1. Can StrikeAbsorber be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, StrikeAbsorber can be used whereever you want!


2. How does using the StrikeAbsorber benefit me?

It dissipates the energy at impact, allows you to practice longer, and gives you better feedback on your miss hits.


3. How long will the turf last?

We use premium, durable artificial turf providing ultra, soft tightly woven blades of grass that feels like the real thing. 


4. How long will the StrikeAbsorber inflatable bladder last?

The bladder is enclosed in a protective canvas envelope allowing it to fit securely within the mat and protected from damage over time.


5. What is the best way to anchor the StrikeAbsorber?

Use lag screws into the ground or wood and redheads into a hard concrete surface.


6. How often does StrikeAbsorber need to be maintained?

The StrikeAbsorber requires very little maintenance other than needing to be inflated periodically for desired firmness.


7. What is the purpose of the center white markings on the mat?

The markings are designed to provide the proper hitting area and set up.


8. Can the turf be replaced after time?

Yes, we offer offer replacement turf that is pre-drilled to fit in the base.