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“I invented the StrikeAbsorber practice mat because, I injured my wrist from the resistance of hitting golf balls off a driving range mat on concrete.”

Lowell Zane Sites, inventor of the StrikeAbsorber was born in Prestcott, Arizona and named after the best-selling Western novel author, Zane Grey.  With degrees in Electronics, Computer Science and Business, Zane forged an eclectic 40-year career in power plant operations that involved projects nationally and internationally.  

Among his positions, Zane served as a high precision millwright machinist, then served as an electrical power plant operator, power plant commissioning engineer and commissioning manager.  An accomplished inventor, Zane designed a glass tube splitting machine that was used for energy collection in the solar industry. 

Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, Zane took up skydiving at age 60 because his wife thought, “motorcycle riding was too dangerous.”  Upon his retirement for the second time, he became an avid golfer.  

Zane invented the StrikeAbsorber after injuring his wrist while practicing off inferior artificial mats at his local driving range.

“I invented this ultra premium practice mat because I injured my wrist from the resistance of hitting golf balls off an artificial mat on concrete at my local driving range while trying to simulate taking divots.  The Strike Absorber’s inflatable bladder is designed to absorb the impact of a golf club strike and dissipate the energy when practicing shots that require you to hit down on the ball.”

Lowell Z. Sites Innovative Technology manufactures and sells the Strike Absorber.  It is a family owned company whose mission is to keep golfers of all ages injury and pain free, while improving their swings, and enjoying the game of golf for a lifetime.

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