Welcome to the 21st century in golf practice mat technology!


The patented StrikeAbsorber (SA) 180 mat is designed to prevent injuries that can occur when hitting golf balls from ordinary mats placed on concrete or other hard surfaces.

The SA 180 mat has an air filled bladder encased in a support envelope that is retained in a nylon injected base.  The envelope absorb the golf club head impact energy and transfers it to the bladder that captures the energy, not allowing it to reverberate back up the club head shaft to the wrist, elbows, shoulders, etc.

Standard practice mats are hard, unforgiving, and give golfers poor shot feedback when they are practicing.

The FEEL IS REAL with StrikeAbsorber mats!

StrikeAbsorber 180

The StrikeAbsorber mat is designed to absorb the impact of a golf club strike when practicing golf shots requiring the taking of a divot.

StrikeAbsorber 360

The new round/circular shaped StrikeAbsorber 360 Practice Mat is designed for driving ranges use where you want to hit your shot in different angles.

StrikeAbsorber Stance Mat

Introducing the new StrikeAbsorber Stance Mat!
Strong, durable, thick premium turf. The perfect companion to the Original StrikeAbsorber inflatable mat.

PGA teaching professional, Jay Golden

Watch our demo video with PGA teaching professional Jay Golden

StrikeAbsorber featured on Golf Channel with Kevin Harrington, formerly on Shark Tank

Patented Adjustable Design!

The StrikeAbsorber ultimate practice mat has a patented designed inflatable bladder beneath the mat’s surface that is adjustable for your practice routine. Using a bicycle pump, the mat can be inflated or deflated to simulate real conditions on the course.

Creating Divots

Golfers can hit down and through the ball producing the optimal angle of approach that creates a divot when hitting a real shot on the course.  The StrikeAbsorber practice mat simulates the forward motion of real grass giving way to the forward impact of the clubhead. It is designed to eliminate clubhead “bounce” and react as though you were taking a swing with your favorite iron and taking a divot. 

Realistic Practice

Whether you’re at a driving range or using it at home, StrikeAbsorber adds realism to your practice.  Practice becomes more productive and less time consuming compared with hitting hundreds of balls mindlessly off an unforgiving artificial turf placed on concrete.

One of the unique features of the StrikeAbsorber mat is the ability to insert a real tee into the strike zone area and adjust it to your specified height. No more hitting drivers off those thick plastic rubber tees.

Premium Synthetic Turf

StrikeAbsorber is constructed out of premium, synthetic turf manufactured by the #1 manufacturer and distributor of synthetic turf in the industry.  This exclusive, high performance fiber system is designed to fit any golfer and will drastically improve your game.  Used by the best instructors and players in the game, StrikeAbsorber simulates the ground and accurate levels of spin and compression on the ball. Hit it fat or hit it flush – the StrikeAbsorber will let you know.

Prevents Injuries

Two time U.S. Open champion, Brooks Koepka, missed more than three months at the start of the year including the Masters due to a partially torn tendon in his left wrist that caused “the lowest point professionally” of his career.  Sean Foley, Revolution Golf Instructor and Director of Instruction at the Foley Performance Academy in Orlando, Florida belives that aspiring junior golfers who start a regimen of hitting balls at very young ages are at an increased risk of debilitating injuries. Hitting off standard mats is madness. StrikeAbsorber, the ultimate practice mat, with an Inflatable bladder, is designed to prevent shock, strain and injuries for all types of golfers.

Durable, Portable Affordable

For the avid golfer or aspiring professional, a practice mat is an essential piece of equipment.  StrikeAbsorber is a premium adjustable and portable practice matt at an affordable price.  The heavy-duty construction is unmatched in its durability and will provide hours of prolonged use.